Sweeting Street – Liverpool’s Oldest Recorded Ghost Story

A captivating and eerie depiction of Sweeting Street in Liverpool known for its oldest recorded ghost story. The scene is set in a foggy dimly lit s

Sweeting Street is a dark and twisted alleyway just off Castle Street in Liverpool. This forgotten corner of the city holds a haunting secret, making it the oldest recorded ghost story in Liverpool’s spooky repertoire. Legend has it that the restless spirit of Rose Poole still lingers here, seeking revenge for a stolen treasure.

“My gold rings, stolen by my husband, left me restless in death. Now, I wander these haunted cobblestones, haunting those who dare to walk this path.” – Rose Poole

Rose Poole, a woman awaiting her lonely burial, had her precious gold rings cruelly snatched away by her unfaithful husband. Consumed by rage and a thirst for revenge, her tormented spirit is said to wander the alley, causing eerie occurrences and bone-chilling encounters for unsuspecting passers-by.

Those brave enough to venture into Sweeting Street have reported strange and unexplained happenings. Whispers carried on the wind, the eerie sensation of being watched, and the feeling of icy fingers brushing against their skin. Visitors have even claimed to witness a figure cloaked in darkness, a spectral form that embodies the spirit of Rose herself.

Sweeting Street – A Haunted Haven in the Heart of Liverpool

Haunted EncountersTerror Rating
Whispers carried on the wind★★★
Icy fingers brushing against your skin★★★
Eerie sensation of being watched★★★★
Glimpses of a cloaked figure in the shadows★★★★★
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