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Liverpool, a city rich in cultural diversity and history, has not only made a significant impact in the world of music and literature but also boasts a remarkable array of actors and entertainers. This list celebrates the talents of Liverpool’s finest, who have graced stages and screens both big and small, leaving an indelible mark in the world of entertainment.

  1. Daniel Craig: Best known as James Bond in the 007 series, Craig’s intense performances have made him a global star.
  2. Kim Cattrall: Gained international fame for her role in “Sex and the City”.
  3. Rex Harrison: An iconic actor celebrated for his role in the classic “My Fair Lady”.
  4. David Morrissey: Known for his roles in “The Walking Dead” and numerous British TV shows and films.
  5. Jodie Comer: Acclaimed for her standout performance in “Killing Eve”.
  6. Jason Isaacs: Renowned for his roles in the “Harry Potter” series and “Star Trek: Discovery”.
  7. Tom Baker: Beloved for portraying the fourth Doctor in “Doctor Who”.
  8. Leslie Stuart: A composer and actor known for his work in the late Victorian and Edwardian era.
  9. Leonard Rossiter: Remembered for his performances in “Rising Damp” and “The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin”.
  10. Alison Steadman: Known for her roles in “Abigail’s Party” and “Gavin & Stacey”.
  11. Paul McGann: Portrayed the eighth Doctor in “Doctor Who”.
  12. Claire Foy: Acclaimed for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in “The Crown”.
  13. Sue Johnston: Known for her roles in “The Royle Family” and “Brookside”.
  14. Stephen Graham: Noted for his roles in “This Is England” and “Boardwalk Empire”.
  15. Michael Angelis: Known as the narrator of “Thomas & Friends” and for his role in “Boys from the Blackstuff”.
  16. Katy Carmichael: Actress known for her role in “Coronation Street”.
  17. Sunetra Sarker: Known for “Ackley Bridge” and “Casualty”.
  18. Gillian Kearney: Known for her roles in “Brookside” and “Emmerdale”.
  19. Barry Sloane: Noted for his roles in “Revenge” and “Six”.
  20. Craig Charles: Known for “Red Dwarf” and “Coronation Street”.
  21. Elisabeth Sladen: Best known for her role as Sarah Jane Smith in “Doctor Who”.
  22. Rita Tushingham: Known for her roles in classic films like “A Taste of Honey”.
  23. Meera Syal: Actress and comedian known from “Goodness Gracious Me”.
  24. John Gregson: A popular post-war actor known for films like “Genevieve”.
  25. Paul O’Grady: Known for “The Paul O’Grady Show” and his drag persona Lily Savage.
  26. Cilla Black: Originally a singer, Cilla became a beloved TV presenter, hosting “Blind Date” and “Surprise Surprise”.

Liverpool’s entertainment industry has produced a plethora of talented individuals, each contributing uniquely to the realms of film, theatre, and television. These actors and entertainers have not only upheld Liverpool’s reputation for producing high-caliber talent but have also enriched the global entertainment landscape. Their diverse range of skills and compelling performances continue to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide, showcasing the enduring spirit and talent of Liverpool.

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