The Hitch Hiker of Queensway Tunnel

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The Queensway Tunnel, which links Liverpool with Birkenhead, is said to be haunted by a female hitch-hiker. Legend has it that the ghost of a young woman who tragically died in an accident in the tunnel during the 1960s is often seen standing in the middle of the road, trying to hitch a ride. This eerie apparition has unnerved countless drivers, leading some to swerve and risk their own safety. Unfortunately, there have been reports of accidents with fatal consequences as a result.

But the supernatural encounters don’t end there. The tunnel itself seems to be a portal to the past and future. Many have claimed to experience timeslips, where they perceive glimpses of the future or the past while traversing its depths.

Constructed between 1925 and 1934, the Queensway Tunnel holds the memory of 17 men who lost their lives during its construction. These tragic events, along with the ongoing ghostly sightings and timeslips, have made the tunnel a fascinating and spine-chilling destination for those seeking a thrilling adventure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Queensway Tunnel is haunted by a female hitch-hiker.
  • The ghost of a young woman who died in the tunnel in the 1960s is frequently seen.
  • Drivers who swerve to avoid the hitch-hiker have been involved in accidents, sometimes with fatal consequences.
  • There have been reports of timeslips in the tunnel, with people experiencing glimpses of the past or future.
  • 17 men lost their lives during the construction of the tunnel.


The Queensway Tunnel and its ghost stories add an extra layer of intrigue to the already fascinating history of the Liverpool-Birkenhead connection. Visitors interested in paranormal activity and exploring haunted locations may be drawn to the tunnel and its reported sightings of the female hitch-hiker.


Who is the hitch-hiker of Queensway Tunnel?

The hitch-hiker of Queensway Tunnel is believed to be the ghost of a young woman who died in an accident in the tunnel in the 1960s.

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