Grade 2 Listed Churches in Liverpool

A collage showcasing a selection of Grade II listed churches in Liverpool England. The image features a wide panoramic view of the city with a blend

Liverpool, a city steeped in history and culture, boasts an impressive array of Grade II listed churches, each telling a unique story of architectural grandeur and historical significance. From the striking Gothic Revival details of St. Vincent de Paul to the elegant Georgian style of St. Andrew’s, these churches are not just places of worship but also symbols of Liverpool’s rich heritage. Nestled amidst the bustling city streets, they stand as serene sanctuaries, offering a glimpse into the past. These architectural gems, many bearing the scars of time and history, continue to captivate both locals and visitors alike, serving as testaments to Liverpool’s resilience and enduring charm.

Here is a list of known Grade II listed churches in Liverpool:

Certainly! Including the additional churches you mentioned, here’s the updated list of known Grade II listed churches in Liverpool, along with some notable ones:

  1. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
  2. Former church of St Alban, Liverpool
  3. Church of St. Vincent de Paul
  4. Church of St Luke
  5. All Saints Parish Church, Edge Hill
  6. All Saints Church, Speke
  7. Church of St. Andrew
  8. St Ambrose church, Speke
  9. St Anne’s Church, Edge Hill, Liverpool
  10. St Anne’s, Stanley, Liverpool
  11. St Anthony’s, Scotland Road
  12. St Austin’s, Grassendale
  13. St Barnabas, Liverpool
  14. St Cecilia’s church, Tuebrook
  15. Chapel for the Deaf, Princes Avenue
  16. Christ Church, Kensington
  17. Christ Church, Toxteth Park
  18. St Columba’s Church, Anfield
  19. St Columba’s, Smithdown Road
  20. St Cyprian’s Church, Liverpool
  21. Dovedale Baptist Church
  22. St James’ Church, West Derby
  23. St John the Evangelist’s Church, Kirkdale
  24. St John the Evangelist, Knotty Ash
  25. St Mary of the Angels, Liverpool
  26. St Mary’s church, Grassendale
  27. St Mary’s, Walton
  28. St Mary’s Church, Wavertree
  29. St Matthew’s Church, Clubmoor
  30. Methodist Central Hall, Liverpool
  31. St Michael’s Church, Garston
  32. Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas, Toxteth
  33. St Oswald’s Church, Old Swan, Liverpool
  34. Church of Our Lady of Reconciliation, Liverpool
  35. Our Lady of Mount Carmel church, Toxteth
  36. Church of Our Lady and St Nicholas, Liverpool
  37. Particular Baptist Chapel, Shaw Street
  38. Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Liverpool
  39. St Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, Liverpool
  40. Protestant Martyrs Memorial church
  41. Sacred Heart church, Low Hill
  42. Sikh Community Centre, Liverpool
  43. All Souls’ Church, Springwood
  44. Anglican chapel, Toxteth Park Cemetery
  45. Wellington Avenue Methodist chapel
  46. Welsh chapel, Chatham Street
  47. Welsh presbyterian church, Princes Road
  48. Church of St. Francis Xavier
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