The Hauntings of Epstein Theatre

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The Epstein Theatre, formerly known as the Neptune Theatre, has a long history of hauntings that dates back over a century. Built originally as Crane’s Music Hall, the venue has witnessed several suicides, leaving a dark imprint on its walls.

One of the most prominent paranormal experiences reported at the Epstein Theatre is the sighting of a ghostly figure in the dressing rooms. Witnesses have described seeing a man with a broken neck, whose presence is believed to foreshadow misfortune or even death. This unsettling apparition has left many performers and staff uneasy over the years.

Paranormal activity is not limited to the dressing rooms. Productions staged at the theatre have been marred by unexplained phenomena. A notable example is the musical production of “The Devil Rides Out,” during which all cast members reported haunting experiences. Such incidents have only added to the reputation of the Epstein Theatre as a place where the supernatural meets the stage.

The Epstein Theatre was renamed in honour of Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ renowned manager. Despite its change in name, the building’s haunted past continues to intrigue visitors and performers alike.

Epstein Theatre Hauntings

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